Glass panels with graphics

Database with graphics

We put at your disposal, without a little, boundless database with graphics. Easy to use. With the help of the search engine, you can find your favorite motif or place in the world, the sight of which, will bring a smile to your face.
Then you just need to give us the number of the graphic, and we will make sure that the final effect will blow you away.

We don't like to surprise customers, so before handing over the glass panels to the printing house, we prepare a visualization of your panels with the graphics of your choice. This is the last moment for any comments, corrections and adjustments to your vision. Then everything is in our hands. We show up with the panels for installation and without any mess, decorate and protect your walls.



We use float glass (standard) or Optiwhite (whitened), which is ideal for bright colors. Depending on the need, we will advise whether there is a need for tempered glass or not. We drill holes of different diameters and different shapes. All this, on average, in 2-3 weeks.